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Attorneys of Cartee, LC

CARTEE, LC – A Unique Law Firm

Attorneys of Cartee, LC focus on:

* Trademark, Copyright & IP Law
* Intellectual Property Litigation
* Resolution of Business Disputes
* Business litigation

Cartee, LC brings a unique business philosophy to Orange County individuals and businesses.

Having witnessed firsthand, a plethora overpriced, underperforming law practices, Cartee, LC founder, Anthony Cartee, created a law firm to remedy that vacuum. Anthony and his team provide a niche service for small to mid-size businesses that might find themselves squeezed out of effective counsel due to the unfettered hourly fees that a large firm can charge. Anthony is one of those rare lawyers who provides creative solutions, whether in the courtroom or with the client’s litigation budget.

Attorneys of Cartee, LC

attorneys: Anthony Cartee, founding attorneyAnthony Cartee – Founder

Anthony Cartee, founder of Cartee, LC, is a trademark and business litigation lawyer who concentrates on trademarks, copyrights, IP and general business disputes. concentrates on trademarks, copyrights, IP and general business disputes. Attorney Cartee and Cartee, LC caters to California and Orange County clients who are professionals, entrepreneurs and those who own small and growing businesses. This client profile is often priced out of hiring effective legal counsel. Free Consultation. Anthony is a 2005 graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Law and holds a Master of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California. He is admitted in the state and federal courts of both Illinois and California. Anthony’s Full Profile

attorneys: Darrin A Blumfield, attorne of counselDarrin A. Blumfield – Of Counsel

Darrin A. Blumfield – Of Counsel – Adjunct Professor of Law. Attorney Blumfield focuses on complex commercial business litigation with emphasis in entertainment, real estate, and family law matters. Successful bench trials, depositions, and law and motion experience. Darrin’s Full Profile

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If you find yourself with questions about Trademark, Copyright Intelectual Property issues or have any IP or business litigation pending, contact Cartee, LC at (714) 942-2225 and reach out to Anthony Cartee and his team.

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