Copyright Claims in Arbitration: Don’t Forget the Registration Pre-requisite What’s in this article… If You Want To Copyright It, You Have To Register ItWhat Is The Burden Of Proof?In Copyright Defense, It’s best To Err On The Side Of Caution Unlike the United States Patent Act, the Copyright Act of 1976 does not contain any...
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Fair and Foul in Tech and Copyright What’s in this article… What is Fair Use?Practical Analysis of Fair UseConflicts With Fair Use and DMCACan You Know For Sure That You Are Covered By “Fair Use” In a world of bustling creativity and a thriving technology industry, it is essential for businesses and startup companies to...
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Life, Death, and the Pursuit of Copyright Copyright is an intangible asset, but one that you can transfer upon death. It is typical that creators and authors spend a great amount of time putting in their blood, sweat, and tears into an art so it is entirely understandable that these creators would want to protect...
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Why You Need to Maximize Your Copyright Protection Early Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution granted for original works fixed in a tangible medium of expression and therefore exists the moment your work is created. 17 U.S.C. Code § 102. But you also have the option of registering the copyright...
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Trademark and Copyright Issues to Consider With Sales of Athletic Goods and Apparel When can a generic design rise to an infringement of intellectual property rights? A common and growing occurrence comes when one takes an attribute of a famous athlete (like a number), puts it with that athlete’s team color scheme, and the next...
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TV-Streaming Service Provider May Seek Compulsory Copyright Licenses TV-Streaming Service Provider May Seek Compulsory Copyright Licenses – In what may be considered a surprise decision, a federal judge ruled that online television streaming service, FilmOn Air X, may be treated as a cable company by allowing it the same compulsory copyright licenses that broadcast companies...
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Justin Bieber & Usher Copyright Infringement Justin Bieber & Usher Copyright Infringement – Pop stars Justin Bieber and Usher Raymond will be heading back to court after the Fourth Circuit for the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that a reasonable jury may find they infringed copyrights in their 2010 hit song, “Somebody to Love.” (Read...
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Reasonableness of Copyright Licensing Fees Reasonableness of Copyright Licensing Fees – A federal district court in New York ruled that Broadcast Media Inc. (“BMI”) may collect 2.5% of Pandora’s total revenue in exchange for licenses to publicly perform copyrighted music. (Read the full opinion here) BMI vs. Pandora BMI represents music copyright holders, and licenses...
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A federal court of appeals reversed an earlier ruling that forced Google to remove a YouTube video portraying an actress making anti-Muslim statements.
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