Intellectual Property
Trademarks have helped create value for all sorts of products. However, may a living thing such as a plant variety that you have bred and created be trademarked? Generally, the answer is no. Varietal or cultivar names are designations given to cultivated varieties or subspecies of live plants or agricultural seeds and they amount to...
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In a highly competitive marketplace, established companies sometimes use a variety of means to suppress emerging companies and its branding that may or may not threaten their own market share. Often, lawsuits for trademark infringement end upon enjoining the defendant infringer. However, companies always press for monetary damages as well, but a prevailing plaintiff is...
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In a world of bustling creativity and a thriving technology industry, it is essential for businesses and startup companies to be wary of copyright issues. Generally, copyright protection is automatic and provides the author exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the work. However, copyright owners are only entitled to bring a claim for infringement against...
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TTAB Decisions Have Preclusive Effect on Later Litigation TTAB Decisions – In yet another intellectual property-focused case, the Supreme Court has ruled that a decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) may have a binding, preclusive effect on later litigation in a federal district court. The opinion came with a narrowed focus, allowing...
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SCOTUS Ushers in New Year with Trademark Ruling Trademark Ruling – With the New Year comes new decisions being handed down by the Supreme Court, and there have already been a handful related to intellectual property. You may remember our earlier case preview for Hana Financial v. Hana Bank in which the Supreme Court would...
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Intellectual Property Law - No Dull Moments
Intellectual Property Law – No Dull Moments Intellectual Property Law – With Labor Day quickly approaching, and Back-to-Work and Back-to-School mentality haunting many of our minds, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s transpired in the IP world so far this year. From the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) revoking the Redskins’ registered...
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Three Intellectual Property Protections
Three Intellectual Property Protections – Navigating Different IP Protections Three Intellectual Property Protections – You now have a business and with it, a whole lot of ideas on how to brand it, market it, and make big waves in the industry. But how do you navigate the different types of intellectual property regimes to go...
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